Joint staff training event to fine tune Online Training Programme

This is an important training activity that essentially constitutes the rehearsal phase before the delivery of the online training programme (Intellectual Output O4). Taking into account that the online training programme is one of the main tool for the project sustainability, along with the project’s Community of Practice, it is important to ensure the effectiveness of the training programme design and contents before its actual delivery to enable the participants in the training programme effectively develop their skills and competences in the targeted themes. Consequently, this design should be appropriately tested before being finalized and this will be done by the project partners during this training event. The event will test the core materials and the organization of the courses to be delivered.

Four participants will be present from each one of the four participating countries. In particular there will be two or three teachers from each participating country accompanied by one or two artists (musicians or dancers). Each one of the five days of the training event will be devoted to one of the courses of the training programme. The event will be done in combination with the transnational project meeting to be hosted in Cyprus as well so that project partners’ staff responsible for the implementation of the project and the delivery of the online training programme will also be present. The event will identify all the aspects related to the core structure and contents of the courses that should be adapted to meet the expectations of the teachers. Furthermore, the event will address issues related to the Platform of the project (Intellectual Output O5), i.e. the infrastructure that will support the delivery of the online training programme. In this respect, the participating trainees will be guided to the use of the platform. Focus groups discussions may follow as well, coordinated by TUC, to identify all the issues that need to be addressed to ensure the usability of the services and functionalities offered by the platform.