Joint staff training event to fine tune Online Training Programme

This event was initially planned to take place in Cyprus and hosted by LCEducational with the aim to review the related project outputs and start the preparation for the development of training materials to be used for the online training programme.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the event was organized online with remote participation of project partners. Giannis Papatzanis and Eleni Filippou from LCEducational welcomed the participants. 25 teachers (9 teachers  from Rethymno, GR, 2 from Cyprus,  3 from UK and 11 from Sweden) and all project partners took part in the activities.  

The training event was hosted by our project Platform which is managed by our partner TUC and immediately handled any minor technical problems that have occurred. The training was recorded therefore participants are able to go back and watch it.

The main part of the training event was implemented by Giannis Papatzanis and his colleague Katerina Lakiotaki. They started with a presentation of the main structure (3 chapters) and they proceeded with important instructions for a successful teaching.

Afterwards, they presented each activity step by step by showing the related videos, templates and cards.

  • Chapter 1 (Six Activities): The dialogue through the rhythmical recitation
  • Chapter 2 (Three Activities): Sounds of the body
  • Chapter 3 (Six Activities): Singing the rhythm with konnakol syllables

The whole training package was therefore presented and the participants had the opportunities to pose questions and they mentioned that everything was very clear.

At the end of the training, Mr Nikos Pappas made a presentation about Coursevo platform usability in order for all participants to be able to use it effectively. The event ended with a Q&A session.

Following this event, the project partners finalized the training materials and prepared the implementation of the online training programme, as initially foreseen in the project workplan.

To visit the Platform page with the Course that corresponds to this event and access all materials used during the event, follow this link.

To access the recording of the event, click here.

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