Digital Competencies Assessment Framework

Intellectual Output O2 presents the DigiRhythmCompTeach framework as a scaffold tool for teachers to develop, assess and reflect on existing and envisaged competencies that they intend to practice for digital rhythm-based teaching and learning. It may be overwhelming and challenging for teachers to identify and pinpoint the exact skills they would be interested to focus on when they design and deliver digital rhythm-based teaching and therefore the DigiRhythmCompTeach attempts to alleviate this challenge that teachers are facing by offering seven (7) digital skills with associated progression levels for teachers to map, compare, and measure their current understanding and practice against these digital skills. The DigiRhythmCompTeach provides a point of departure for digital skills development especially for rhythm-based teaching but also used for different subject areas and topics that technology is used as a medium to deliver learning. It may also be used in conjunction with the EU’s DigiCompEdu framework to strengthen the existing competencies by providing complementary skills especially in relation to data and ethics and digital creativity skills. 

It is perceived that the DigiRhythmCompTeach will be a sine qua non tool for EU teachers as it will provide a framework to create, understand and reflect on modern digital skills in a consistent and standardised way inspired by the frameworks and models used by the EU.  The report then presents the dimensions of progression for illuminating the system with which teachers will pinpoint their current competencies and will also allow them to strategically target their competency progression and further development. The progression model ranges from acquisition to reflection resembling different learning instantiations and levels that the teachers may focus on for developing or combining different skills commensurate with context, level of students, subject content aligned with own conceptions of and approaches to teaching.  

O2 attempts to propagate a relationship between the 7 themes of competencies with the use of technology with the progression levels and therefore simulating different variations of using a particular competency based on a learning aspect that lies on teacher’s foci. The endeavour was to construct particular foci for each theme that drive and supplement the development of a competency and adds in a cohesive way competencies from other themes in developmental ways.  We have evaluated and assessed the usefulness of the DigiRhythmCompTeach with teachers from the participating counties for understanding the competency level focus that teachers wish to develop and possible developments in competencies they would like to explore in the future.

O2 concludes with a set of recommendations for digital competencies development and for teacher digital competency progression and growth. For a comprehensive presentation of the competencies, please read the O2 - DigiCompforRhythm report. 

Download the Digital Competences Assessment Framework report from here.