Intellectual Output Ο5 established and maintained an ICT infrastructure (digital Platform) that supported the online training programme and enabled all involved stakeholders to share, find, exchange and adapt digital learning resources related to the project themes. Furthermore, the Platform enabled the implementation of online events and blended events to address the restrictions on face-to-face meetings and events due to the pandemic. The Platform essentially facilitated the establishment of a community of practice on the use of rhythm-based arts in education promoting inclusive and creative learning. 

The activities to set up and support the Platform started from the beginning of the project. During the first year of the project TUC, output leader and technical provider for O5, has done the necessary preparatory technical and organizational work to set up the Platform infrastructure and enable its use by the first core of the project’s community of practice (mainly the partners’ teams and selected teachers). In particular a portal instance was installed and customized, based on the Coursevo Platform, which is developed and maintained by TUC. This portal instance incorporates several special customizations to meet the needs of the project. The partners used it within the context of an activity space set up to facilitate collaborative activities and their day-to-day interactions,  thus initiating the community building processes that were further advanced during the lifetime of the project. Further work was undertaken during the second year of the project in collaboration with the other partners to initiate local communities of teachers in each partner country that started to use the Platform to access all project results as they became available and participated in the online training programme during the third project year.

Due to the pandemic, it was necessary to use the Platform to implement several project events including transnational project meetings that were implemented online, the C2 training event that was also implemented online and the final project conference that was implemented as a blended event combining face-to-face and online participation for both presenters and the audience.
The Platform offered the possibility to all project partners to make continuous updates with the facilitation of TUC’s technical personnel whenever necessary. TUC provided support for enhancements as they were requested by the partners to address their needs dynamically and exploit opportunities for better support the project’s community of practice, which was an important aspect both for the successful realization of project objectives but for the sustainability of project results beyond the lifetime of the project. 

Regarding the use of the Platform, some statistics are indicative: At the end of the project the total number of users in the Platform was 347 including the project partners’ personnel, the participants in the training programme and participants in online and blended events. 11 activity spaces were set up in total, one of them was the project space used by project partners to implement online project meetings (13 online/blended meetings in total), 2 project spaces for local communities in Greece, 2 activity spaces to implement the C2 training event and the final project conference, and 5 activity spaces corresponding to the 5 courses of the training programme.

Visit the Platform following this link.

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