Presenting rythm4inclusion and establishing local communities of teachers in Sweden

The aim of this event is to raise awareness among teachers in Sweden about the project and its theme and objectives, present intermediate results of the project and help in recruiting teachers to establish the local community of teachers in Sweden that will follow the online training programme and act as catalysts for its sustainability after the end of the funding period by continuing to use, extend and diffuse the project methodologies in their national context.

During this event, the participating teachers will have the opportunity to get informed about the results of the piloting activities and see practical examples of how rhythm-base inclusion can be achieved employing Music and Dance. They will be also informed about the corresponding curriculum and the types of children with Special Education Needs that can be effectively addressed. They will also be asked to create their accounts in the Platform of the project and will see the offered functionality in terms of structure and contents of the courses that will be delivered in the subsequent implementation of the online training programme. Finally they will be informed about the details of this programme and the skills and competences targeted.