Presenting rhythm4inclusion and establishing local communities of teachers in Greece

The E3 multiplier event was organized on June 10, 2021 in cooperation with ECTE Center focusing on providing information regarding the implementation of the program within Greek, English, and Swedish schools. The event focused the presentation and the discussion that followed on the way specific groups of students with difficulties/SEN have profited from these activities.

The final evaluation outcomes were also presented and gave specific examples of the way both teachers and students with difficulties have responded to the specific program, as well as the kind of activities that have been successfully applied in schools.

The event also addressed the cultural parameters and the particular barriers, weaknesses, or strengths of the implementation process of this sort of rhythm/dance based activities within different school systems and classrooms in Europe. Some of the participants have applied these activities in their classrooms and, therefore, had the opportunity to better explain the strengths and limitations of using such methods. They also reported specific details and vignettes regarding the eventual positive impact both on emotional, behavioral, and learning development of their students and classroom climate.

Despite the difficult conditions and physical restrictions imposed by the pandemic crisis, 29 persons (professionals, teachers, and students) have attended this event.