O1: Design Thinking Requirements

This output implemented a reflective design methodology that addresses targeted end-users and the contexts of the overall curriculum content, in which relevant tools and methodologies have been deployed.

O2: Digital Competencies Assessment Framework

Thhis output developed a model for assessing digital competencies skills and capabilities.

O3: Development of Rhythm-Based Inclusion Curriculum, Piloting and Evaluation

This output leveraged a growing body of research on innovating art-based interventions within schools targeting students with special educational needs to develop an rhyth-based inclusion Curriculum that was piloted in the participating countries and was the baseline of the online training programme.

O4: Rythm4inclusion Online Training Programme

The online training programme combined innovative learning and teaching techniques with interaction with the project tutors and trainees from across Europe. It enabled teachers across Europe to embed rhythm-based approaches integrating music and dance into schools to foster inclusion of students with special education needs and offering and engaging environment for creative learning experiences.

O5: Platform

This output established and maintained an ICT infrastructure that enables all interested parties to share, find, exchange and adapt digital learning resources related to the projects’ online training programme thus supporting the documentation and sharing of teaching practices within the project's Community of Practice.